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Class Member of Parliament (MP) and Pupil Voice

At the start of the autumn term, the upper Key Stage 2 classes elected their members of Parliament.

Meet Our New MPs


Chief Newsletter Editor


Prime Minister


Assistant Newsletter Editor


Assistant Events Co-ordinator


Executive Events Co-ordinator


Deputy Prime Minister




Newsletter Graphic Designer

What Does It Take To Be A Good Leader

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What is a Member of Parliament (MP)?

Our MPs are a group of children who meet regularly to discuss how they can improve their school. The MPs will meet regularly to discuss action points for the school development. The aim of this programme is to develop and equip each MP with leadership skills that can be transferred into valuable life skills.

Why do we have MPs?

  • To help us to improve the school according to the children's point of view.
  • To make sure that all children have a platform to voice their opinions.
  • To discuss and raise issues.

The MPs will have opportunities to develop areas of our school to improve school life for all staff and children. They will produce termly Newsletters to inform their school community of their contributions to school life. They have a designated webpage on our school website and a notice board to share information. can enter your own html snippet in here!

Pupil Voice Conference 2019 Feedback Session

Well Done Lala!

On the 5th March Mrs Skingsley and I were invited to attend the feedback session from the Pupil Voice Conference 2019 at Bedford Borough Hall. We were delighted to be accompanied by Lala who is the GGA Prime Minister and also a member of the Youth Cabinet Team. The Youth Cabinet shared the results of children and young people’s responses to their survey on topics such as knife crime, climate change, litter and transportation.

Each school and different educational organisations within Bedford Borough had to make a pledged to support the Youth Cabinets actions.

Lala made the pledge on behalf of our school. Here is our pledge;

  • To develop an Eco –club
  • Improve the understanding of issues around litter for our younger children.
  • Train other children to become litter great pickers.

We are so very proud of Lala’s achievement. She was confident making the decision for our school also speaking publicly, which can be a challenge in a room full of people, which I am sure you will all agree

MPs Newsletter summer term 2020

MP's Newsletter summer term 2020

MPs Spring News….

Over the last term the MPs have been super busy with their MP commitments. They have worked with a local artist to design their notice board to depict their roles and actions. The MPs worked as a team to create a fantastic display.

Last week they judged the schools Love for Reading door competition. The displays were extremely creative and the MPs struggled to find a key stage winner.

Mrs Harrison has invited them to lead the Modeshift club which will commence on the 12th March. The MPs will be working with other children to explore different topics around transportation.

They lead a whole school assembly. The MPs shared their roles and responsibilities through a presentation that they created. The audience were able to ask questions about being an MP, such as how do you become an MP? What are the expectations etc? The MPs did a marvellous job articulating their roles and what it takes to become an MP.

During this term the MPs will be working with a member of the Bedford Borough Youth Cabinet Team to develop their roles further. They will explore how to incorporate all of the children’s voices across the school. They will also be leading a pupil voice workshop based on their chosen theme for the year 5 and 6 pupils.

MPs Chatter Box Workshop

Lead by Emily Meekins from the Bedford Borough Engagement and Development Team

School MPs Presentation

Love for Reading Door Competition

MPs Anne Marie

Bedford Borough Pupil Voice Conference 2019

On 5th December schools from across Bedford Borough were invited to attend the annual Pupil Voice Conference which was led by the Bedford Borough Engagement and Development Team. Approximately 140 children attended.

On the day the children were involved in a series of interactive workshops which were designed to capture the views of children and young people to guide and influence services across Bedford. The activities focused on the issues that were most important to children and young people. Some of the topics covered were Knife Crime, Climate Change, Transport and Anti–bullying which were led by The Youth Parliament Team. The children had an opportunity to discuss their views with other MPs.

The MPs proudly presented on their current positions of being an MP. They did a marvellous job and worked extremely well as a team. The day brought wonderful opportunities for the children to showcase their leadership skills through the various activities. All of the staff and children at GGA were very proud of them.

Our MPs had an opportunity to learn from more experienced MPs on ways to develop their role in school. The team gathered ideas from other schools and will be discussing their findings at their next meeting.

Staff also had an opportunity to share good practise with other school council staff and discuss current challenges and solutions.

Overall the MPs had a wonderful experience and gained lots of tips on how to develop their role as leaders.

The MPs are looking forward to working with The Engagement and Development Team in the new year to develop their roles. can enter your own html snippet in here!

Student Leadership - Pupil Voice Autumn term 2019 updates…

The group kicked started the programme on a very positive note. They have shown great enthusiasm and dedication. The children have explored attributes needed to become a great leader. They have also explored the role and responsibility of an MP.

Currently they are busy producing their MP introduction presentations. The MPs have been preparing them during their lunchtime break. They have shown great commitment and endurance over this time. Their presentations will be shared with the whole school before the end of the term.

The group have started their training on becoming a School Tour Guide. In the near future the children will support school events and provide a tour of the school for our prospective parents.

The MPs have started to think about ways that they can improve and develop our school. They will base their ideas and actions on the schools Mission Statement and the SOTO quadrants.

They now have their own notice board. They will display minutes from their meetings, developments/actions they are undertaking and their termly newsletter.

The MPs interviewed Mrs Hotchkiss on how to prepare a newsletter. The group prepared some questions for the session to help them with developing their understanding of constructing a newsletter. The children will prepare their first edition before the end of this term.

The group will be attending a Bedford Borough wide Pupil Voice Conference on the 5th December. They are all really excited about meeting other MPs to gather new ideas to develop their role in school. They have also received an invitation from the School Kitchen Manager to attend a tastier session for the new school menu.

The children will undertake interviews for positions within Parliament. A Prime Minister and Deputy Head will be selected. Other roles will include a Clerk, News Editor and many more.

The children have received their diaries and personalised MP badges which they wear with pride.

Pupil Voice – What have you enjoyed or not enjoyed about the role of an MP.

Here is what some of them said.


“I have found it exciting because I am learning adult skills”.


“I think the programme has improved greatly since I was a MP”.


“I like the structure of the programme”.


“I like the space that we work in and being part of a team”.


“It’s been a nice experience working with other children”. “The resources are good”. “I have developed the skill of working in a team”.


“I have enjoyed everything that has been on offer”. “It’s been greatly improved”. “I also like the refreshments at our meetings”.


“I have enjoyed developing my understanding of the school through the School Guide Tour training”.


“I have enjoyed learning the value of co-operation”. “Also making decisions and sharing my ideas”.

MPs Working Together