Goldington Green Academy

Pre School

Please note, admission to Pre School does not guarantee a place in Reception, you must apply through Bedford  Borough for this.

Joining Pre-School is a happy time for your child, and we strive to provide a warm and caring environment, within which children can learn and develop through play.

We offer both full and part-time places.  We generally admit children 3 times a year, and a child may start the term after they 2 years of age, subject to availability of places.

The pre-school groups are Saplings, Little Saplings and Seedlings.

The Pre-School operates with up to 30 children per session.  Each main session is run by the Play leader and 4 members of staff.  We have a minimum staff-to-child ratio of 1 to 8 for those over the age of 3 and of 1 to 4 for those children who are under 3.  With 5 members of staff per session our working ratio is 1:6.

Our Pre-School is for children between 2 years (the term after a child turns 2) – until the term after they turn 4, when they will move up to Acorns Class or if Summer born, their Reception class. It offers a structured setting, supervised by qualified staff.  We are open 38 weeks per year, generally in line with lower school openings.

As part of our inclusion strategy, we also accept children in pull-ups.

Children are eligible for funding the term after their 3rd Birthday.  This funding is for up to a total of 15 hours per week, 38 weeks per year, over a minimum of two days, (subject to availability of places).  These hours may be shared over a maximum of two settings. As of September 2017 we will be offering the new 30 hours of Free Child Care to support working parents, for an initial 1 year trial.

2+ Funding

Up to 15 hours of free early education and childcare is available to eligible 2 year olds the term after they turn 2.  A visit to will let you know if you are eligible due to financial reasons, if so, please retain your given reference number and mark it on your application form.

Pre School Application Form