Goldington Green Academy


School Library

We have had a lovely start to the new term here in the Library. A stock check was completed just before the holidays which has allowed me to see where our stock gaps are and new books will be purchased to make sure we continue to have excellent subject and fiction coverage. The DVD collection has increased with some very generous donations and continues to be a very popular.

We have recently celebrated Roald Dahl Day here in the Library and the children have enjoyed a range of activities including drawing all the disgusting bits in Mr Twit’s beard, a marvellous ingredients word search from George’s Marvellous Medicine, and folding a lovely origami fox – in honour of Fantastic Mr Fox!

To encourage the children to be independent in their book choices I have also created some genre flip guides. These guides will tell the children which books we have in the Library from particular genres and encourage them to expand their reading. I have started with Spooky Stories, Choose your Own Adventure stories, Classics, Fantasy, and Star Wars. Historical stories, pirates and Pokémon (chosen by the children!) are in the pipeline.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Kelly

School Term in the Library

It has been a lovely start to the summer term here in the Library. Many children are enjoying coming in to the Library at lunchtimes where they can exchange their books and do a variety of book related activities such as colouring and word searches.

We have been busy updating our Library displays which include a new welcome board outside the Library and a lovely Spring themed display inside the Library which features some beautiful colouring by the children.

Pupils have also been encouraged to share their book recommendations, with the new “Recommended Read” bookmarks which have been given out allowing a quick and easy way to share feelings about books.

Another exciting development has been the introduction of a small DVD collection, which the children are welcome to borrow alongside their Library books. This collection has proved very popular, with children able to choose from a range of DVDs which even includes a few classics such as Button Moon.

We have been lucky enough to purchase some new stock for the Library recently. This includes a really gorgeous selection of Classics as well as a new set of the always popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dogman books.

Popular books continue to include the Harry Potter series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Hello Kitty story books. Where’s Wally is a favourite amongst all the year groups! The children are encouraged to borrow a wide variety of books, and some popular non-fiction areas include pets, animals, dinosaurs and space!

Happy reading!

Mrs Kelly.